Why Support NetPet Magazine?

The goal of NetPet Magazine is to use the format of an an electronic 'Zine + Encyclopedia to increase the level of accurate, easily available information about pet related aspects of biology. For most people the main interaction with animals is through their contact with other humans and with pets, and since I know a lot about pets I decided to start up NetPet Magazine as a Pet Based electronic information system.

Obviously we are a for-profit enterprise (or at least we aim to be self sustaining) - I was unable to get some sort of grant for this project. I am paying for the site on IDSOnline, a commercial server and the computers are somewhat expensive. Ultimately I would like to receive a salary for my editing and writing activities. I would like to pay a royalty to the other authors who contribute to the site because I want to accumulate some high quality information that will actually be useful to people and expand their knowledge of the living world.

Why Bonnie Dalzell, MA?
I have been a college level instructor in biomedical fields since the mid 1960's. This was an side effect of my long term project to try and stay in graduate school all my life. Unfortunately in 1994 the powers that be caught me at it and terminated the experiment. This left me with an addiction to teaching and computers, a lot of miscellaneous knowledge, skills in teaching, graphics, videography, sculpture, writing, computers, dog breeding and maintainence, science fiction and thinking up wierd things to do. A detailed biographical sketch is available on my non-commercial home page.

The author's who I most admire, and who I strive to emulate in my writing style are Willy Ley, Isaac Asimov, Mark Twain and, for that cutting edge of commentary, Ambrose Bierce. For an admiration of clarity and logic I have been influenced by Hans Reichenbach.

Since I had always wanted to publish my own 'something' and had a lot of problems focusing on what that 'something' should be - starting an eclectic animal related publication seemed like an obvious thing to do.

The format of NetPet Magazine is quite open and flexible.

How can you support the NetPet Magazine experiment?

  1. Send money.
    If you like the site, ask yourself "Is this site as useful to me as some of the paper magazines to which I subscribe?"

    NetPet Magazine will always be 'shareware' we are not going to restrict access to our articles to paid subscribers, but if the articles are useful to you consider paying a 'shareware subscription fee'. If everyone who visited us and made use of the site paid us what it costs to subscribe to 'Dog World' or similar magazines we would be happy.

    Reccommmended annual subscription fee is $15.

  2. You can support a project

    • Write for NetPet Magazine. If you have well developed knowledge in a pet related area , we are asking for your submissions!
    • Help to transcribe material for our reference section. Transcribers will be acknowledged and, if the transcriber wishes a page of 'transcriber information' will be linked to the transcribed material.
    • Join the NetPet Magazine editorial board. We need people with expert knowledge willing to answer our questions about factual material in articles. Members of the editorial board will have 'biographical sketches' maintained online. We will also maintain sections for information about projects that authors editorial board members have an interest in, such as the Wolf Park material.
    • Pay to sponsor an article or an information section.

      • Article sponsorships are $50 per year. We will link a 'sponsor information page' to any article you sponsor.

      • Section Sponsorships are $500 per year. We will incorporate a graphic indicative of your sponsorship on the opening page of the sponsored section and link a 'sponsor information page' to that graphic.

    • Checks should be made out to Bonnie Dalzell and sent to 5100 Hydes Rd, Hydes MD 21082.

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